It is probably the most common and well- known type of advertising. The banners were the first to appear on the internet. This involves a box placed in a strategic place on the website, it has different size and shape, and it is useful to show ads from other companies or other websites. This type of banner is useful for those trade brands which are established in the market and are well-known by an audience significant portion. They do not need to draw much attention to reach out, since their logo presence may be enough to persuade users to buy their product. In a similar way, but with some particular difference, you can see one of the banners of the Skoda’s digital marketing campaigns. The car brand also displays a banner with significant dimensions, in this case, a horizontal banner and not as squared as the Bankoa one. Its main feature is that it involves an interactive banner, displaying buttons and items smooth to touch and choose by the user. In this specific example, there are two components, video, placed on the left part of the banner, and the button that says “Get Yours Now” on the right, which can be activated by the users. In the case of video, mainly is a simple way to provide more information to what has been displayed in the text, this way having another more option to persuade the public. For brands with striking and eye-catching products, it can be interesting, as in the case of automobile companies. But trade brands not only opt for a banner type, but they can also display other forms, such as Skoda. We emphasize this double-banner example. The banner’s left half is shown on the left side of the page, and the right side does the same on the right. This type of banner can be very interesting for websites with substantial content in the central part, and they prefer not to stain it with advertising. Its particularity comes from the fact that this banner type moves when scrolling, so it is present at all times with the client while visiting the website. Its specificity comes from the fact that it is a type of banner which moves when scrolling, so it is always present while the client visits the website.

E-Mail Marketing

It refers to the advertising form that can be more easily avoided by the user. Within online advertising, ads sent to the email may disappear in the spam mailbox, get lost or the user himself may decide to delete the message even without opening it. This has forced many companies to refine the technique and stop sending ads, camouflaging their promotions and advertisements in daily and friendly messages that the user will not want to eliminate. They always take advantage the days designated as Black Friday to launch their products.This makes customers identify the days automatically to use the brand, this way the attention and interest level are already higher. But, on the other hand, they also take advantage of the same message to launch what is known as targeted advertising. Among the featured offers, they start a products selection that may be of the buyer’s interest. This is done through a customer’s following-up, according to the previously purchased products and those on which the consumer has shown interest. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways for the consumer’s appeal. A typical example of email marketing to publicize a product. Wix makes use of email marketing to launch a product and convey a sense of urgency to the client. By highlighting a range of relevant product information, the objective is to emphasize that this is the last opportunity to obtain that product. The design is another one of the email’s capabilities. Using striking colors and an outstanding design over other emails is a way to success quickly and draw the attention, the email marketing main objective. It must highlight among the enormous number of emails that customers receive.

Pop Advertising

Perhaps you’ve closed hundreds of pop up ads in your life. Within the online advertising, pop up is the most uncomfortable advertising form. Mostly if it is not done correctly. It is about a pop-up window that emerges when you open a website; it is primarily annoying because sometimes it is difficult to close them. This type of advertising on computers is annoying but not as much as it happens on mobile devices, where due to the screen’s size, the pop-up closure work turns out to be much more difficult. WordPress is one of the brands that mostly decides to use pop-ups, this technique is excluded from many brands because they are bothersome. It is not pleasant to find advertising that suddenly emerges and that it hasn’t been chosen by you. In this case, the type of pop-up advertisement requests the client’s email to contact him/her further. It is about a more natural way to create databases and then introduce your products the market in a less invasive way. MDirector works on the same line as WordPress. In this case, it is not just about merely rolling out promotions, but it invites customers who visit its website to sign up for the newsletter, which will be useful to receive the relevant communications from the brand in due course.

Blog Advertising

Although blog advertising seems to be stuck, it continues being an essential part of online advertising. This is one of the indirect online advertising types. In fact, most of the blog advertising is created by using the storytelling technique, disguising it behind an experience, a reflection, etc. Advertising through sponsored content is another way since many bloggers decide to publicize those products that companies offer them to promote. An advertising method which is working increasingly better is the blogs storytelling one. These digital spaces have become the most popular in the market that is why it is not surprising that favorite brands and personalities exploit their potential to transmit their messages or promote their products. The advertising method varies among blogs. Some of the blogs take advantage of other elements’ potential such as infographics and videos to convey the message. Its objective is about making the elements’ reading more fun, and the product placement becomes successful. A good option for you, are the sponsored post where besides making link building, you will promote your brand. This is because the sponsored article will talk about your company and the services you make, perfect for users to know what you do.

Social media Advertising

Most social networks offer to publicize messages or content that companies themselves, or individual users, upload to it. This way, it is possible to advertise a post on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter or a snapshot on Instagram. Promoted messages reach more people, position themselves higher and have more possibilities to get a successful result. Facebook is the social network which accumulates most the online advertising. It’s varied, and multiple ways of advertising allow brands to choose it as the primary advertising platform. There is an advertising alternative that appears on the right side of the screen and summarizes several ads based on the customers’ interests and topics. This shows a couple of ads with a picture, a headline, a link to the promoted brand and small text. This is something fast, visual and eye-catching that contrasts with Facebook’s general performance. The second modality is the one that imitates the usual Facebook’s publication. Twitter also allows advertising to be posted. A weakness is that Twitter messages get lost quickly, it is a social network where data does not last as in Facebook.

Video advertising

They include the ads inserted in YouTube videos, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Vine, possible or not to avoid, but which direction to the user before starting to play the video. But this online advertising form does not stay here since it also includes those banners or ads inserted in websites and which are in a video form. It is proven that videos manage to capture the attention of visitors better than an ordinary advertisement. YouTube is the world’s leading video platform. In the videos, they include two types of videos. The most common is the one of online advertising in the form of another video. It shows a video that can be skipped, or not, before starting with the new video. This video publicizes a product, usually an advertisement for the brand that is used as a video’s introduction that the customer has wanted to see. The second modality includes an advertising banner that is overprinted on the video is currently playing. This small banner allows you to close it to enjoy the video without any interruption.